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Global Rider is a motorcycle Repair Company that also provides Global Touring Services. We began specializing specifically in BMW and have branched out to just about every make, year and model of motorcycle out there. Motorcycles are our passion.


Global Rider will restore your classic machine, perform routine maintenance to keep your baby running for a life time, custom work and design to taylor fit your wants and needs.


Owned and operated by "Che" Castagnoli, who has worked and trained in the mechanics and restoration business for over 25 are a way of life.
Of Italian descent and raised in Argentina,
Che has traveled all over North and South America and  can speak 4 languages:
Spanish, Portuguese, English and Italian.
He has an extensive motorcycle background; education and world class training.


Living and working by giving your all and following your true passion.

No matter what one chooses to to do or be in this life they should strive to be the very best at it.


With an excellent reputation and service record, our customers are pleased with our performance and the quality of work completed.

We are very proud of and sure of- and stand behind all our work.

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